There are very few moments in my days that aren’t consumed by thoughts. Big, small, in-between, it seems like my mind never slows down or silences. From the moment I wake up until my head crashes into the pillow at night, there is always something to think about. What do we need from the grocery store? What outfit should I wear today? Are there any bills that need to be sent out this week? What should I pack for lunch? What in the world are we going to eat for dinner? Will I have time to workout today? What is that weird spot on the floor? Should I be taking a multivitamin?

For everything there is a question.

But today I took a mental pause. It was so small but it felt incredibly huge. I lay in the grass, I stared up at the sky, and I didn’t think about a single thing. I listened to birds, felt the breeze, and smelled the fresh grass, blossoming cheery tree, and warm earth. I focused on each breath, accentuating each inhale and exhale. And I didn’t allow a single thought, a single to-do item to infiltrate during this moment of serenity.

Thoughts, though silent, can take up so much mental energy, create so much silent noise. Moments of pause and complete nothingness are few and far between, but when they do present themselves are worth indulging.

There is so much beauty in each little pause.

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