Temper Tantrums: The Mom Edition

As the mom of a four-year old, I've seen my share of temper tantrums. And there have been many, many moments when I've thought to myself okay, that was bad, but it's getting better. Or I think that we're getting to the end of the whole temper tantrum phase but then there's a solid number … Continue reading Temper Tantrums: The Mom Edition

What I’m Reading – June

If I had it my way, I'd spend many, many hours each day between the pages of a book. When I was younger I would spend entire afternoons up in my room reading, sometimes finishing a whole book in one sitting. I haven't done that in ages - probably because for the last 4.5 years … Continue reading What I’m Reading – June


There are very few moments in my days that aren't consumed by thoughts. Big, small, in-between, it seems like my mind never slows down or silences. From the moment I wake up until my head crashes into the pillow at night, there is always something to think about. What do we need from the grocery … Continue reading Pause.

My Word

In my perusal of blogs during the early days of 2019, I came across an alternative to making New Year's resolutions which I instantly latched onto. Mainly because I'm a sucker for new ways to make goals and better yourself, I decided this was something I was absolutely going to do. I have a hard … Continue reading My Word